Midnight Drip Exhibition

Midnight Drip Exhibition:


You’ve Been Cordially Invited
To the Debut of Midnight Drip by Antoine TAVA

Presented at S16 Gallery, Thursday August 26th, from 5-8pm
377 Saint-Paul St W, Montreal

In continuation to the April 2021 launch of Midnight Drip, featuring 39, limited-edition B&W silkscreen prints, the Midnight Drip Exhibition welcomes you again into the pop graphic flavourings of Antoine TAVA. 
Brought-to-life with an all new pastel palette, get an exclusive preview and chance to purchase —BEFORE ANYONE ELSE— the sequel collection to Midnight Drip: Think the same cartoon classics and cult icon hits, plunged in TAVA's signature ‘dripping’ effect, but BIGGER... BOLDER... and BRIGHTER. 
The 11, limited edition giclée colour prints will be on display in accompaniment to the remaining B&W works reserved from the original Midnight Drip Collection. All pieces from the Midnight Drip Collection will be available for purchase online only after the debut event.
Give your eyes a break from your screen and color your world with this drippy universe, and of course, experience the long-postponed chance to reconnect and share with your fellow creatives over some laughs and drinks; aperitifs and bubbles provided by S16 evening-long.

About the Midnight Drip Collection
The idea behind the Midnight Drips collection is that there are always two sides to every story told. Through this collection, Antoine Tava reveals a part of his alter ego. On one side, you have the glowing moon that represents a deep sense of vulnerability. The moon is a warm-natured and loving symbol, something people relate to and puts them at ease. On the other hand, the lunar eclipse represents our hidden truths waiting to be uncovered and reveal themselves to the light of day.

Location: S16 Gallery, Montreal